4 Good Reasons To Refinance

You currently have a home that you don't plan on selling any time soon, but you keep getting offers about refinancing. You may be wondering why you ever want to refinance. There are actually some good reasons to refinance a home if you were not aware of them. 1. Shorten Your Mortgage Term You may have decided on a 30-year mortgage based on your salary at the time. However, now you are making more money and can afford the larger mortgage payment. [Read More]

How Using A Broker Will Help You Get The Best Mortgage

When the time comes for you to finally buy a house, one of the first steps you will need to do is get preapproved for a mortgage loan. While there are a number of ways you can do this, contacting a mortgage broker is a good place to start. Mortgage brokers help people find the best loans, and here are several ways they do this. Brokers Do Not Offer Just One Option [Read More]

Four Reasons To Open A Second Checking Account Today

If you're like most people, you have enough to manage when it comes to dealing with the household finances. Between budgeting, bills, and bank statements, it probably seems like managing one checking account is more than enough to handle. However, you really should think about opening a second one. Here are some of the best reasons why: 1. You can greatly reduce the potential for fraud if you're an online shopper. [Read More]

What Should You Know About Letters Of Protection In Personal Injury Claims?

If you've been embroiled in a personal injury lawsuit for months or more, your case may be getting close to the point at which a settlement offer is being extended. It can be tempting to settle your claim now rather than risk a negative result at trial. If your case is governed by an attorney's letter of protection (LOP) to a medical provider, there are some additional factors you'll need to consider before saying yes or no to a settlement offer. [Read More]