3 Questions To Ask A Bail Bond Agency

Being arrested and arraigned can be very stressful. Having a chance to pay for bail but not having the money can make it even worse. You don't want to stay in jail longer than necessary, so you must figure out how to pay your bail. One way to do it is to find a bail bond agency. You can work with them to pay your bail and get out of jail until your court date. Before you sign the paperwork to get out of jail, you will want to talk to the bond agent and ask them some questions. 


You need to talk to the agent about how much of a deposit you need to put down for them to pay your bail and get you out of jail. The deposit can vary depending on your state and your crime. There may also be other variables that the bond agency will consider when they tell you what percentage of your bail you have to pay as a deposit. 


Most bond agencies won't write a bond without some kind of collateral. The collateral is there to protect them. If you default on your bail by not showing up for your court date, the bond agency may be out of the money they put on your bail. If that happens, they need to have a way to recoup their losses. That is where the collateral comes in. If you don't go to your court date and the agency can't contact you to set up a new court date, they may come after the collateral and seize that to remake their money. 


You should also ask about the consequences if you default on your bail and miss your court date. Theoretically, you aren't planning on missing that date, but knowing what will happen if you do may help to discourage you if you were thinking about it. Besides losing your collateral, the bond agent may send recovery agents after you. These agents will do everything possible to find and bring you back. If this happens, you will end up back in jail and probably not have the chance of bail again. 

If you have been arrested and given a chance for bail, you should contact a bail bond agency like All Star Bail Bonds to see if they can pay your bail so you can go home. Ask the agent a few questions before you sign the paperwork to ensure you are working with the right agent for you.