Collateral And Bail Bonds

When someone is accused of a crime, getting released from jail is a top priority. An arrest may not follow with a conviction, and keeping your life as steady and normal as possible during the pretrial period is very important. If you are offered bail, you may be released by posting a bond. Read on to find out why you might use or need collateral and what happens after the entire experience is complete. [Read More]

VA Loan Options For Dual Military Couples

Serving in the military is a unique experience. When a couple is dual military, however, an entirely new level of uniqueness presents itself, even when it comes to VA mortgage loans. In fact, as a dual military couple, you will have a number of options that traditional couples don't; learn about some of them here.  Rate Flexibility A major advantage of a VA loan over a conventional loan is the relaxed credit requirement. [Read More]