4 Tips For Choosing Bail Bonds Agency

What you never thought would happen eventually happens. A loved one gets arrested for a crime or offense, and you have to get them out of jail. Approximately 12 million people get admitted to jail in America every year. 

Most of these people are given bail bonds, which must get paid to release the person before the trial. However, the bond may be expensive, and you could not be having the required amount available. This is where you'll need the help of a bail bonds agency. Choosing a bail bond company can be taxing, especially if you have never done it before. These tips will help you pick a reliable agency. 

Bail Amount

In some circumstances, it's better to stay in jail until your arraignment. Your attorney might make an effort to convince the judge to lower the bail amount. In this case, you might not post any bail amount. When the cash bail is set, the court provides a list of reliable bail bond agencies. These are the companies that work with the court all the time. 

Ask the Duty Officers 

Befriending detention officers should be your priority if you want to find a reliable agency. Duty officers also deal with various bail bond agencies, and they can tell you the best among them. They can also give you suggestions of lower bail amounts to help you get out of stressful situations. You may also ask your lawyer to befriend these duty officers, who can be helpful in the court process. 

Prioritize Experience 

Experience matters when choosing a bail bonds agency. It's a critical aspect that will make you or your loved one get out of jail fast. You need to select one who has vast experience in working with local law enforcement agencies. 

An experienced and licensed bail bonds agency understands the minutiae of speeding bail bond processing in your county or state. Ensure the bail bond company you choose has an intimate knowledge of the bail process. 

Expect Reasonable Fees

A reliable bail bonds agency charges a reasonable fee. In most locations, the limit charge on a client is capped at 10%. This is if the client is being indicted in a state or county court. The agency will disclose the amount before you sign a contract. 

However, a state like Colorado may allow the fee to go higher. When clients face federal charges, they might be charged about 15% in fees for their bail bond. Therefore, ensure you're familiar with bail bond laws in your state. 

For more information, contact a bail bondsman service in your area.