What Type Of Credit Loan Should You Use?

While there will be times when you will have to use a company's credit, this is not always so. Anytime you are going into debt, it is a good idea to consider all the different credit options available. Generally, unless it is a utility company, you will be able to pick your own creditor. Here are a few of the options you should consider.

Cash Loans

A cash loan can be obtained through a bank or a lending institution. These loans are not secured by whatever you buy, but are given based on your credit score. Your score will also determine the interest rate for the loan. Once you have the money, you can do with it as you please. Generally, they are set up to be repaid within a few years. If the amount is small, you can have set up the payments to have the loan paid in full in six months. A larger personal loan may take up to four or five years to repay. If you decide to get a personal loan, ask about the interest rate and if there is an early repayment penalty.

Installment Loan

Sometimes, the establishment where you will be buying something has an arrangement with a loan company. You can apply for and receive credit before leaving the store. The main difference between this type of loan and a cash loan is the fact that the loan is secured with whatever you buy. For instance, if you buy a new dining room set from a furniture company and get an installment loan to pay for it, the lending company will send someone to pick up that set if you miss a few payments. However, because the loan is secured, the interest rates are usually better than those for a cash loan.

Revolving Loan

The most common type of revolving loan is a credit card. You buy whatever you want up to the limit set by the lending institution and then pay it back slowly. As you make payments you can make more purchases until the limit is reached again. Unfortunately, these types of loans often have very high interest rates. This means that if you are trying to buy the aforementioned dining room set, it might be better to go ahead and get an installment loan for just it than to buy it with your credit card.

Sometimes the only option you have is to go with a higher interest rate loan because you cannot qualify for anything else. In this situation, you need to consider how badly you need to make the purchase. You should always go with the lowest interest rate you can and then try to pay more than is owed each payment.

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