Here's How To Make A Seller Accept Your Offer

In many metro areas, a stiff competition has emerged for the best real estate. That can make any home buyer nervous about how to get a seller to accept an offer once they find a place they love. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Get a Good Real Estate Agent

When you get into a car accident, you probably want to have a lawyer represent you so that your insurance claim is taken more seriously. In the same way, you want to get the best real estate agent you possibly can, so that their reputation is taken seriously and your legal proceedings are taken care of more swiftly. A great real estate agent will know how to negotiate with a seller to provide an attractive bid on your behalf.

Be Ready to Go

Make sure you do all of your home loan searching before you start looking at properties. If you already have a solid loan offer on the line, it will let a seller know they can move swiftly in closing a deal with you.

Be Realistic in Your Offer

Another important point is to create an attractive offer. If you really want a property, then coming up with a reasonable starting point to negotiation is what you need to do. If you come in with an offer that is too low, that may cause a seller to discredit you right off the bat and not pay as much attention to subsequent offers from you. When there are several other competing offers, it can be the nail in the coffin.

Be a Promising Buyer

A few things may also make your offer stand out, aside from putting forth enough money in your offer. If you can pay in cash, that may make your offer stand out of the pile; sellers don't want to have to deal with financing companies if they don't have to. If you can make life easier for them by allowing them to leave behind furniture, that could also speed up the process to get your offer chosen.

Form a Relationship with the Seller

Finally, it can sometimes help if you can form a personal connection with the seller. Sellers are humans too, and if they can envision someone they like forming a new life in their old home, that may be a more attractive prospect than having someone with a better credit score taking over their home.

There is no magic bullet to getting a seller to pick you when the market is competitive, but each of these four strategies can make your chances a little bit better. Ask your real estate agent about other tactics to try when you're conducting your house search.

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